The Teacher Parent

A parent’s guide to supporting at-home learning

This year in education will be unlike any other year that we have had.

Families will be managing a large portion of education from their guest rooms, living rooms, and dining tables. Instead of high fives, hugs or handshakes at the end of the day, kids will be dropping emojis in chat boxes.

I know that parents everywhere, like all of you, are anxious about at-home learning.

  • What do your children need?
  • How will you support your child as a student?
  • How will you manage your time?

Just for you, I have created The Teacher Parent – A guide that will help calm the anxious feelings with information, strategies, steps and tips

What will you get when you purchase The Teacher Parent?

The Parent Teacher Guide includes:

  • Strategies and steps for setting up your at-home learning space
  • How to develop a daily schedule
  • Brain break ideas to break up the time online
  • When you finish assignments early activity ideas
  • Understanding the learning cycle
  • How to make daily life a learning experience

Grab The Teacher Parent today and take the guess work out of supporting your online learner this school year.