What are Whole Human Community Members saying?

When joining the community, each client gets a plan tailored specifically for their goals! There are no cookie cutter, copy and paste plans here. Read on to hear about other’s experiences with Whole Human!

Tiffany & Andrew

We decided to reach out to Kayla for further knowledge on our diets. We are not new to the food prep and cooking scene, but wanted to further learn about tracking our macros. Kayla immediately thought it would be great for me to send her my weekly meal plan and then she could tweak it a bit to fit our macros! This was awesome! We never felt deprived at all, in fact we were eating way more food than before! And it was great for me to visually see my favorite dishes that I’ve been eating, portioned out correctly to fit my macros.

One thing we both have noticed overall is how eating the right amounts of foods helps fuel our bodies and also helps us recover quicker! I really feel this has helped tremendously for us reaching our bike riding goals! Andrew and I have been riding for about 8 yrs ( 20 yrs for him) and we have both never recovered so quickly in the past as we do now! It feels awesome!   
Kayla is an amazing person to work with and she has taught us a lot about tracking macros! I have already recommended her to my friends!


I am so glad that I decided to put myself first and work with Kayla, she has been such a blessing and delight. She is extremely supportive and really takes into account your lifestyle. I am a busy mom of 3 children and she made sure to help make my meals easy for me as well as family friendly for my entire crew!

Not only have I been able to learn SO much about nutrition in these last 8 weeks, but about my self and my mindset! I really loved that Kayla listened to my cravings, my lifestyle and helped me find ways to make sure that this is not just a quick “fix” but indeed a lifestyle! The best part is I still can have chocolate, coffee, wine all things I love! I just learned to limit and balance with my lifestyle!

Kayla, thank you again! I loved that I got to check in weekly with you, which for me helped me stay accountable. I loved that you provided me meal plans which helped teach me and showed me the exact amounts and ideas of what I should be eating! This journey is not over it’s just beginning !! Kayla, thank you for cheering me on, answering all my questions, and listening!


What a blessing to be able to work with Kayla. She is so incredibly knowledgeable, helpful and easy to talk to. She was made to do exactly this. She offers her wealth of knowledge in a way that is easy to understand and fun to work into a daily routine. She truly listens to the personal, short and long term goals of her clients and creates plans that really work for the individual! She worked with my MANY dietary needs and with the fact that I still have much to learn in the kitchen.

It was such a gift to have someone really listen to my strengths, weaknesses, interests and needs to make the very best, sustainable health plan for me and my family! I love that she can tailor to the needs and interests of her clients all while cheering them on and assisting them in taking the necessary steps to a happier, healthier lifestyle! All who are blessed enough to know and work with Kayla are in for a real treat and are surely on their way to becoming the very best version of themselves.


I first learned about Kayla through her personal fitness Instagram (@jk__fit). I was intrigued to reach out to Kayla when she launched Whole Human Community because of the strong emphasis she placed on developing healthy eating/fitness habits while still living our best lives as humans. Prior to working with Kayla, I experimented with several different crash diets so meal planning was not new to me. Working with Kayla allowed me to eat more food (what?!) while making progress in the gym. I also noticed my energy levels throughout the day are significantly higher when I eat nutrient dense foods. At the same time of trying to make healthier life choices, I was also trying to save some extra money, and Kayla was able to work with those parameters to make it happen. I no longer felt guilty when I went out to grab drinks/food with friends because Kayla taught me how to adjust my macronutrients for those special occasions. I didn’t even feel like I was “dieting!”

The thing that stood out the most with Kayla was the genuine intent behind her business. I remember our first in-person meeting she straight out told me she was going to show me the way and I would ultimately be able to do it on my own. This was so important to me because of past experiences I’ve had with coaches who just wanted to take my money. I would 100% recommend Kayla to anyone looking to pursue a change in lifestyle.