What are You Reading At Home? Book Review: Be Kind

Picture books are some of the best ways to teach lessons to children. Reading together is  a non-emotional time in which your child is ready to hear how different situations are handled. Having a story also takes the lesson away from being directed at your child and therefore makes it much more comfortable.

Be Kind by Pat Zietlow Miller is about a child questioning the idea of what it means to be kind. There are many great examples in the book as the child reflects on what they have learned and new ideas that they might have. 

The illustrations are beautifully done – full of expression and using color to highlight feelings and meaning. The classroom, community and families in the story represent diversity so that many children reading the book have the opportunity to see themselves in it. 

This book can help your child learn and act on what it means to be kind to others in their life. Our world is always in need of kindness. 

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