I remember the exact moment when I realized I knew close to nothing about keeping my body healthy. I was sitting in my required nutrition course in college. The idea that there were calories I was supposed to eat for my body size and that different foods had different things to offer my body was a new one. I realized immediately that I wanted to start making changes, and slowly I did. I began looking at what I ate and began moving more. I picked up long distance running and fell in love hard right away.

The more serious I got and the more miles I put in, the more I wanted to study to learn how to fuel my body best. It was the most intriguing to study and the most satisfying when my body felt better when I implemented what I had learned. Through the process of work and reflection I was able to run 11 marathons, countless half marathons, relays, 10ks and other distances. I hit personal bests and podium finished.

When I met my husband, who like many people did not find the same enjoyment in running as I did, I began to taper off my mileage – but health and fitness did not leave my mind or my lifestyle. With him I picked up weightlifting and soon found another passion that I could study and improve on! I started lifting and decided to take my nutrition and dedication to the next level by entering into a bikini contest prep. I learned even more about what foods do for my body and how to work with my muscles in a new capacity that was completely different than endurance. I competed in three shows and achieved top placings.

Today I work to bring together all of the things that I have learned and experienced to create a harmonized fitness lifestyle. I give attention where I need it to, I have fun, I make goals and continue to progress toward them. I am here to share my knowledge and experience with others so that they can create their own fitness lifestyle of harmony.


I don’t believe that balance exists. Hear me out on this.

Balance means that you are giving to every part of your life equally. That the sides of the scale are weighted the same. But what about when you are finishing up your college degree and studying for those exams? You need to get that done, but your time and effort are not split equally between school and the rest of your life. What about being a month out from your goal race and you’re dedicating yourself to high mileage, focused nutrition and recovery? You need to get that done, too, but your time and effort are not split equally between your fitness and the rest of your life. This is where HARMONY comes into play.

Harmony is defined as the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole.

It is knowing and understanding that sometimes, one thing needs to come before another. In order to get that college degree, you had to make sacrifices, and you have to be ok with those sacrifices. In order to reach the goal you set for your race, you have to make sacrifices and you have to be ok with those sacrifices, too. It is knowing all of the parts that make you whole, and working on them as they need to be.

I truly believe that all things can be achieved with hard work and consistency, support and accountability, and reflection and education. This goes for your career, your hobbies and your fitness lifestyle. These are the things that make up your whole, that create your Harmony. Each of us have different facets to what we need and our journey will be unique to them, as it should be.

Creating the fitness lifestyle that fits you best needs to be planned with YOU in mind first. What you do, for you, to build your harmony, should be different than what others do to achieve their goals. This is not an overnight process, it is something that takes reflecting on who you are, what you want, and what your Harmony is, then putting in the work to get there. But get there, we will.

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