It didn’t take long for me to realize that education was about a lot more than letter sounds and mathematical formulas. That realization is when I fell hard in love with teaching, real teaching. I had always known that I wanted to help give back to children in the way that my teacher’s gave to me as a child. For various reasons, I was not able to lean on my parents as role models in my life, so I leaned on my teacher’s to show me what it meant to be a kind, thoughtful, productive human in and out of the classroom. With and without my schoolwork. This thoughtfulness, respect and love is something that I have always worked to give to each person in my educational care.

The more experience I had in educating others, the more I desired to learn more to be more for my students. Starting with earning my two undergraduate degrees, I grew into taking classes and courses anywhere that I could! From signing up to every possible speaker who made it to my state to flying to the East Coast to take classes at the esteemed Teacher’s College of Columbia University.

I still am constantly learning to be the best that I can be for others.

Beginning to share my learning in more ways than the elementary classroom was incredibly rewarding. I have had the opportunity to work with the Oregon Department of Education in making curriculum adoptions for the state, lead hundreds of teachers in professional development, grow and train soon-to-be teachers in their graduate program at Oregon State University, create an effective and fun science curriculum for grades K-2 and speak to and encourage educators at conferences.

I am here to take everything that I have learned from those experiences above, what I have spent more than a decade learning, and make it accessible to parents and families everywhere and empower them to use these skills and strategies in their homes!

Thank you so much for being here!



  • Master’s Degree – Science Education
  • Science Instructional Specialist
  • Licensed K-8 Educator
  • Bachelor’s Degree – Early Childhood Education
  • Bachelor’s Degree – Human Development and Family Sciences
  • Holistic Nutritionist

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