I love educating. I love helping. My passion is to teach others things they need to know in order to be successful with their goals.

And it is something that I have been doing for over a decade. 

I started out my experience in education in the traditional sense. Training to work in the classroom. The plan, teach kids academics and skills that would help them move into the world. The why, because it was everything that I needed

I grew up in a home that did not have positive adult role models. My parents were divorced and I saw my dad once or twice a year. My mom worked multiple jobs, and when she wasn’t working, she was spending her time at the bar. My dad and my mom’s boyfriends were not the type of guys we could have been protected or supported by, even if they were around. Starting when I was in second grade my sister and I were on our own to make the majority of our meals, take care of our home, get ourselves to school and basically do life. 

As you can imagine, this left very little time for me to learn a lot about life that I should have been guided through. There is only so much you can learn while making another batch of mac ‘n cheese alone or dishing up some crackers and cheese for dinner each night. 

I had to learn to interact with people and to understand social cues. I needed help in strategies to gain knowledge and ideas, to learn how to use my creativity, to problem solve. I had to develop and hone my skill of being a critical thinker and a hard worker who persevered through difficult things. These were not strategies that I got from my parents. These were strategies that I learned through, yes my time raising myself, but also my time in the classroom.

I was fortunate enough to have not just teachers – but educators – who were invested in me. They knew that I needed more than most, and they gave it to me. 

I wanted to give back in the same way. 

So I did. I took my passion and worked with low income and minority communities. Sharing life skills, not just academics, and creating more passionate, creative, resilient people to put out into the world. 

Now, my goal is to work with parents too. To build these same strategies in their children. Our world needs it. It will always need it. And we have the power and the ability to do this work!

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