When you stop to think about it, we are all making history. 

Everything that is happening in the world right now are things that people on our planet in decades to come will learn about, and hopefully learn from. 

This year in education will be unlike any other year that we have had. 

Families will be managing a large portion of education from their guest rooms, living rooms, and dining tables. Instead of high fives, hugs or handshakes at the end of the day, kids will be dropping emojis in chat boxes. 

This is a different time. 

And different times call for different actions. 

As parents at home, we each need to pull on different skills, set up our routines in a new way, and wrap our brains around the new emotions and feelings of each person in our household. 

This is no easy task. And like most new but great things, it will get harder before it gets easier. 

Parents will be frustrated, kids will be confused, there will be tears, and probably some arguments. BUT there will also be reading, growing and problem solving, as well as laughter and smiles.

We are embarking on at-home learning for the vast majority of children. Lessons will be conducted by teachers through zoom calls, read alouds will be pre recorded and set in an online platform  to watch at your leisure, and kids will submit their assignments online. All of this while you, the parent, are working your full time job in the next room. 

How will you manage? What will you do? What does your role as the Parent-Teacher look like? 

I have created a guide to help you answer those questions. This downloadable document is full of helpful advice for setting up your learning space, insightful instructions for planning your day, information about the learning process and printables for you and your child to help get you rolling into success this school year. 

Keep an eye out – this document will be available next week!

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