Having goals is great! It truly is one of my most favorite things about life. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a very goal oriented person. I encourage everyone I know to set goals and to go for them. But having a goal, honestly, is not enough.

You can’t just think about having a goal, pick one, then end up there. You have to be deliberate, dedicated and consistent. The easiest way to be those three things is to create a plan and then follow it.

I shared my 2020 goals with you last week. Each of those goals has a plan behind it. The plan for our financial goal includes a weekly spending budget and a monthly review of how we did and what adjustments we need to make. This monthly review is already scheduled into each month for the entire year.

For my lifting goals, I don’t just go into the gym and hope that it happens.

  • I am deliberate in creating my workout split.
  • I have invested in material and studied how to blend my lifting and running to get the biggest bang for my buck.
  • I have thought about my goals and tailored the workout moves for those specific goals.
  • I have created a calendar that will help me to implement these things in a time span that makes sense.
  • I have planned in accountability with my lift partners to help motivate me to get these things done each week.
  • I have looked ahead each week to anticipate if there is anything that could get in the way of executing my plan – if so, I adjust ahead of time.

For my running goals I have done the same.

  • I have invested in learning what running split will work best for me.
  • I have invested in time with my physical therapist to pre-hab and keep me running injury free
  • I have scheduled stretching and warming up into my weekly workouts and routine
  • I have looked at my year long running and picked races/events in a timeline that will allow me to build a proper base.
  • I have invested in getting my heart rate calculated so that I can use it as a training tool.
  • I have accountability partners for running that help motivate me to get my runs in even when the weather is crap.
  • I have invested in equipment that is right for me (ex. shoes, BodyGlide, comfortable run gear)
  • I tailor my weight lifting moves to be functional for running with help from studying and my physical therapist recommendations.
  • I tailor my nutrition to fuel me through my runs and help with recovery.
A snapshot of January!

As I was typing out these lists of things – I was honestly surprised that the list was so long. There are SO many things that go into reaching a goal. And doing all of these things won’t even guarantee that I get there. These are just the things that I can control. Making a plan and executing it the best that I can.

Having this list of things also makes me feel so accomplished. Each time I do one of my workouts or runs or even stretch or finish all of my water for the day, I celebrate it. Every single step, small or large, toward your goals should be celebrated. It is hard work, and you did it. I think it is so important to build that positivity and ride it all the way to the end!

I’m curious – what do you do to make sure that you reach your goals? What do you feel is the #1 thing that helps you to get there?

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