January went by so quickly! I feel like it was a SOLID start to my goals for the year. But what are my goals this year?

At our goal planning getaway in December

Each year, Jon and I sit down and make goals in different categories. Our Finances, Body and our Soul. I want to share them with you today!


I won’t share the specifics here, because finances are private, but we created a very strict budget that will allow us to do a lot of fun things this year – and we want to really adhere to it! Our biggest goal is to stay on track with our plan which will allow us to: travel to two weddings, take a European vacation, travel for two 30th birthday weekends, drop Jon’s album with music videos and merchandise, pay off my car all while paying off some debt.


We have a ton here! I am excited for all of the goals in this area this year! I think that I have looked ahead at my running and lifting and have been able to make some goals that will push me but are also achieveable.


Run 1,600 miles this year! An average of 30 a week.
Run a half marathon in the 1:3X:XX time range.
Run a full marathon again!


Bench press 130lbs
Squat 200lbs
Do 6 reps of weighted pull ups

We also have the two weddings that we are going to one in Las Vegas in March and one in Mexico in June. For the first time in a while, Jon and I both feel like trying to do a cut beforehand. It has been a couple of years since I focused on making my abs show again, and I think that I am ready for it.

We have created a schedule and plan to stay consistent with it in order to reach these goals. I plan to run 5times a week, lift 3 times and have a dedicated stretch routine 2 times a week. Before every lift I am dedicated to (though I loathe) warming up first. I also will stick with the pre-hab run routines that I have gotten from Jay and Rachel at Therapydia. They have really helped to keep my healthy and running.


This year I want to learn Italian because – we are going to ITALY! For our anniversary in October we plan to celebrate in Italy – a dream of mine come true! I started practicing Italian using the DuoLingo app and so far I like it.

I also want to continue my goal of body confidence. Last year I focused on loving myself and being proud of myself. Part of this was buying new clothes that fit and doing a lot of positive self talk. I want to continue this. And also practice creating new outfits with my new clothes!

I also want to prioritize keeping a cleaner house. Its not like our house is dirty per se – I just feel like we are less proactive and more reactive in cleaning. So… I want to be better with it.

I’m reading 12 books again this year – last year I was super successful with this goal and actually read 18 or 19. One thing I’m doing first is reading all of the books that I own and haven’t read yet, before I let myself buy any new books. Collecting books is my favorite!

Also, thanks to my girl Carly, I’m washing my face every night before bed in 2020!

What are some of your goals for 2020? Share them so that I can cheer you on!

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2 thoughts on “2020 Goals: 1/12th of the Way There!

  1. Love this post! Good luck with running 1.6k miles this year! Also, I need to read all the books I own. Good point. I like that.

    2 of my goals i’d like to share include ironman2020 and save for a house!

    – C

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