It takes a lot for me to become loyal to ONE company or brand. I have to truly love what they are providing if they want me to keep going back for more each time. I am a girl who truly loves to try new things – but the following 5 foodie items have got me stuck on them!

ONE: KetoButta

I found out about KetoButta from a friend of mine, and from the very first taste, I knew there was no going back to ANY other nut butter again. The flavor is phenomenal. Not to mention the ingredient list! Full of superfood things that I know should be in my diet but I often leave out – like chia seeds! Not only is KetoButta tasty on its own spread on toast – I have already used it in tons of recipes – like the Protein Energy Bites pictured above!

For a few KetoButta recipes that I LOVE click the links below:
Pumpkin Energy Bites
Spicy Turmeric Nut Sauce
Protein Cookie Dough

You can even get 10% off of your KetoButta order with the code: RUNANDLIFT

TWO: Vans Foods Multigrain Waffles

Our house does not contain many premade processed things – but one that we do keep on hand in the freezer are Vans Foods 8 Grain Multigrain Waffles. The flavor and the texture of these are on point. I eat them with my KetoButta for preworkout meals, pre race meals, and I even fancify them for the weekend.

These waffles are the best thing to keep in your house whether you want a great workout or you are in a pinch for something to eat!

THREE: Ripple Plant Based Milk

I discovered Ripple’s Plant Based Milk on one of my leisurely strolls through Whole Foods. Like I said earlier, I am always on the look out for something new to try. I picked it up because 1. it was on sale and 2. the macronutrient numbers on it were pretty good in terms of the amount of protein that it had. I have always been a fan of cashew milk – but HECK YES – this stuff was way more delicious than I anticipated! I don’t drink milk on its own but I have definitely used this for my hot quinoa and protein pancake recipes and it was perfect!

The flavor isn’t strong and most importantly the texture is smooth – which I find with plant products is usually not the case. I am excited to check out more of Ripple’s products!

To see some recipes I have tried with Ripple click below:
Hot Breakfast Quinoa
Protein Pumpkin Pancakes

FOUR: Nuts

There is no particular brand or nothing new about nuts. Except for the fact that I have been eating them more lately. Nuts are such a feared food item because they do have a high fat content – but they also have high flavor content and high nutrient value and high texture to add to your meals! Walnuts have always been a favorite of mine. They are so easy to crunch up and toss ontop of your hot quinoa, yogurt bowls, or even salads!

FIVE: Forager Project Cashew Yogurt

I never thought that there would be a day that I would choose to repeatedly buy a non-dairy yogurt. But that day did come, many months ago! I have been stuck on Forager Project Cashewgurt for a year or more now. Its so smooth and creamy with a delicious mild flavor. If you are non-dairy or plant based this is definitely a product for you.

I have almost always had a yogurt bowl in my weekly meals because you can make them take on any flavor profile that you want! Tropical fruits to seasonal cinnamon apple! Possibilities are endless.

These are just FIVE FOODIE things that I am loving right now. I hope that you try one or two (or all) of them and that you fall in love, too.

What foodie things do you LOVE that I can fall for? Share below in the comments!

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