Saturday, with the Plant Based Papi, I hosted a farm to table cooking and dining experience at the Oasis of Change. If you were not there, you truly missed out. The evening was spent hands on in the garden and in the kitchen, learning how to create new simple recipes that you can replicate in your everyday life. We learned together, laughed together and of course ate together.

Upon entering guests met each other, grabbed a glass of wine and got hands on right away with building their own bruschetta! Each guest picked their tomatoes from the garden and then used the garlic, onions and garden fresh basil to make up their own tomato topping. The fresh tomatoes on the crispy toasted bread were delicious!

Guests also anonymously wrote something that they were grateful for down on a card. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, and build relationships.

Then it was time to head inside and get to work! Guests found their seats and were greeted with all of the supplies that they needed at their table – cutting boards, knives, mixing bowls, ingredients and aprons.

We started with a simple but tasty recipe for a vegan parmesan made from cashews. It was a big hit and surprisingly simple to make. We all decided it is great as a topping for ANY meal, but learned that it is a secret ingredient to add to many sauces dishes!

Next Jewan led us through the creation of a pesto using fresh and vibrant basil. Guests were given containers to take home the basil pesto and cashew parmesan they made (as long as they left some for dinner that evening!)

We all had a great time working together to create the recipes. We chatted about how we cook at home, shared our own ideas and experiences and asked and answered a lot of questions.

When the rest of the meal was created we brought our hard work down to the table in the garden together and sat and enjoyed our dinner. We chatted over candle light about the gratitudes that we wrote earlier in the evening and expanded on them with our own stories and connections.

Everyone left with our homemade toppings, recipe cards, full bellies and full hearts!

It was an amazing first culinary event for Whole Human and Plant Based Papi! We can not wait to host another one. A huge thank you to the Oasis of Change for providing a great space in which we can access fresh produce for our culinary experience and to everyone who came to enjoy the night with us!

What would you like to see at our next culinary event? A certain recipe, food style or technique? Let us know in the comments below!

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