It was never a matter of if I would begin a career as a health coach. It was a matter of when.

I have always had a passion for education. This is what made me go into my teaching career. I found, very quickly, that education was not just part of a classroom setting – but that it was everywhere.

Education is in the books you read, the chats that you have with a friend, the videos you watch on YouTube and the experiences you have! We literally can make the choice to learn from everything that we come in contact with. Education became and obsession – and if you’ve ever had a conversation with me, then you have heard me say, “Tell me more!” Because I just want to know. I want to educate myself.

In college (and you know this if you have read my About Me page) I began learning about nutrition and fitness. I was hooked. I began buying and reading every book from anecdotal stories to physiological facts, I began meeting up with and talking to veteran runners and athletes, and learning through experiencing with myself. I wrote my own plans, conducted fueling experiments on my body, and tried different workouts. Through all of this my knowledge grew.

As I was becoming an expert in formal educational strategies – I realized that informally, through conversations and advice – I was educating my friends, acquaintances, and family on my growing passion of health and fitness. I would give research based advice on everything from running mileage to the type of carbohydrate that would be best post workout. The more I shared my knowledge, the more fun my own fitness became. It started to become common place for me to hear – “You need to make this your business.” “You should start coaching!” “People would love to hire you to help them!”

[Look at baby Kayla over there from 2011?]

I never thought a business would be the thing for me. I’m not a salesperson – neither do I want to be one. BUT here I am, with Whole Human LLC – registered under my name. I am a small business owner.

And what do I love about it? That I have given myself the license to help others. It is not something that I just talk about, or get told to do. I get to take my years of formal education, informally educating myself and experience in education, running, bodybuilding, and nutrition and SHARE it with others.

There has not yet been a check in that pops into my email that does not make my heart beat a little faster when I open it. Or a check in response that does not grow my heart a little more when I close it. Having others SHARE with me about there life, trusting me and believing that together we can accomplish their goals is an honor. Being able to TEACH – not just tell – my clients how they can be successful is the best feeling of satisfaction. Getting to ENCOURAGE my clients every single week in reaching their goals is the most rewarding. These are the things that make me absolutely LOVE where my life has taken me now!

What do YOU love most about what you do? Leave a comment below!

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