Hi! Thanks for coming around to the blog portion of my website! Since I am new here, and so are you, I figured that we should introduce ourselves. So here are some things you should know about me!

ONE: My passion is educating. There is nothing better than seeing the light bulb go on over one’s head! Maybe actually, to see them put into action what they have learned! I have been an educator for almost a decade now and have taught people from ages 6 to over 60 from various backgrounds all about many different things. Educating myself is also something that is very important to me, so you will always see me learning!

TWO: I am married to the most perfect (for me) man out there. We were married in October of 2016 and grow more and stronger together everyday. Marriage isn’t always easy, but it is seriously the most rewarding. Our wedding night was truly one of the best days of my life, and all of the rest of the days on my ‘Best Day Ever List’ include Jon. I am thankful for him and his love and support beyond words. Jon and I are the parents to two of the most beautiful little girls. Viva our oldest and L.E. the baby in the baby in the family. They are both the most cuddly and fluffy girls ever. We love them with all our hearts.

THREE: I am a traveling addict, and have turned Jon into one, too. Seeing and experiencing life somewhere else is exhilarating and I firmly believe it makes me a better, more well rounded person. Bonus points if I get to explore my new surroundings on foot. When we travel, finding the best food and cocktail spot is an adventure on its own for Jon and I. If I don’t go somewhere, every 2-3 months, I get a crazy, restless itch to!

FOUR: Reading is one of my favorite activities. I will read almost anything…. except romance *gags.* I love to read to learn new things, whether it be a travel book, nutrition book, or how to build a business. I also love to read about people’s life experiences. BUT – fantasy has my heart. Give me a book with magic, dragons, and a big ol’ adventure and I’m sucked in for hours. I am known in our circle of friends as the biggest Harry Potter nerd!

FIVE: My certification for nutrition is a Holistic Nutrition certification. I chose this because through my experience in long distance running and bodybuilding, I learned a lot about conventional nutrition and health. I wanted to also be versed in why people would choose different diets and approaches to food and how those diets operate in the body. I feel that this has made my knowledge base very well rounded.

SIX: When I was young I couldn’t do any organized sports until I could afford them myself, paying for sports was not a privilege my family had. I didn’t start my journey in anything athletic until my sophomore year in high school, when I made the high school dance team. I was instantly obsessed and excelled in skill quickly and almost pursued dancing as my degree in college! Running was my next athletic endeavor, and it was something that I fell in love with during college. I again, was addicted, and ended up getting better and better and running further. I still have goals of running an ultra marathon some day!

SEVEN: When I met Jon, he disliked running (like most people) and got me into weightlifting. This is where I learned even more about my body and my muscles in a completely different way! But, in my competitive nature I built from dancing and running, I had a very hard time going to the gym and lifting without something to work toward. I felt that my choices would either be a strength/lifting competition or bodybuilding. Being that I like the performance part and sparkly suits of being on stage because it reminded me of dancing, I chose the bikini division of body building. I competed in three different shows and earned myself some top 5 placings!

EIGHT: I never stopped dancing though! Dancing is still a passion of mine and you’ll find Jon and I on a dance floor together most weekends. Its one of our goals to hit the dance floor in every country that we travel to, and so far we have been very successful!

EIGHT: I LOVE to cook. In my summers off from teaching I would watch afternoon episodes of Chopped, Giada, or anything on the Food Network. I learned a lot about flavor combinations and different skills in the kitchen. When I began tracking macros I never felt disappointed with my meals because I could figure out ways to spice them up to still be flavorful, fulfilling and healthy at the same time.

NINE: Efficiency is an obsession of mine. Most people who have OCD have it in a ‘perfectionist’ sort of way, but for me it’s not like that. I don’t care if the picture that I hung is slightly crooked, I care more about the time, strategy, materials and skills it took to put it up. Haha. This also goes for being on time, organized and planned for the week, meeting, or travel trip. If you were to take a peek into my planner you would see it is color coded and organized. Any inefficiency almost gives me physical pain.

TEN: Building my own business is very scary to me! But I am here, doing my best to be brave. Bringing to YOU all of my skills – reading to learn more; experience in endurance sports and weightlifting; meal prepping, planning and recipe creation; efficiency in getting you where you want to go the right way; and educating – I want you to walk away LEARNING from me. Not just listening to me. My goal is for you to be able to go into your life day to day and use the skills we have practiced to create the health and fitness lifestyle that works best for you!

Leave a comment and introduce yourself, tell me something about YOU!

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  1. I love this Kayla!!! I feel like a know you a little more now! I also love traveling a lot, must be the Geminis in us 😉

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